As well as Open Auditions, we also hold auditions for specific parts in specific productions.

Here are breakdowns of all the roles we’re casting in Programme 2018. If you think you’re right for any of them, you can submit your CV for consideration using the form below. We will be in touch if we would like to invite you to audition.

We will be closing this form for submissions at 6pm on Wednesday 28 February. 



The three plays in the Roundabout Rep are performed by a single ensemble of actors. This year we are casting two female actors and one male actor, playing age 25-35, any ethnicity, any accent.



Haseeb: 27 -  Male. London. Pakistani. British. Working class. Muslim. Struggling writer. Born and raised in North West London. Back living with family because he's a broke writer and London is expensive. Thinks about what home means a lot. His social awareness leads to paranoid moments. Deadpan. Loves music. Droll. Slight of build. Usually driven by his head. Not the best dancer but loves to move. 

Ella: 25 - Female. Bradford. White. British. Middle class. Agnostic. Struggling actress. Living in South London. She works three jobs because she's a broke actress and living in London is expensive. Soulful. Thinks about what home means a lot. The pace of London is getting her down. Misses Yorkshire. Expressive face. Loves music. Very talented at clowning. Usually driven by her gut. Not the best dancer but loves to move. 



G, 35. Southern Asian Male. Average height / build. Can come across as naïve, ultimately quite closed and private. Quietly dealing with some pretty dark shit, mainly the recent death of his mother – the most important person in his life. Had a crap time at school; picked on, ignored. Left his small hometown for bigger and better things and achieved a lot of them. Fell in love. Got hurt. Doesn’t deal with rejection or loss well. Is now living in his dead mother’s house in his old bedroom, the walls still covered in his pop posters. Music is his passion and his release.  Booze gives G access to the sort of person he would like to be, a bit cooler, a bit raunchier, more daring. Tonight, after a full day of boozing he’s letting rip on the dance floor – it’s needed. (Knowledge of Whigfield’s Saturday Night Dance an advantage but not essential.)

Kayla, 35. White Female. Average height / build – could be curvy / large build.  Self confessed party girl, bit past her prime. Whip-smart humour, sarcastic, gobby, fun-loving (but there’s not been much fun to be had of late). Was a big fish at school in her small home town. A sort of British “Mean Girl” – she was popular, rebellious and talented; everyone thought she was headed for big things. Those big things turned out to be Team Supervisor for a company that deals with the licences for pub fruit machines across the UK. She is currently cultivating a meaningful and long lasting relationship with Sainsbury’s Sauvignon Blanc. She’s recently split up with her husband – her teenage sweetheart. Feels a deep sense of loss and grief, although she says she only misses the back of his head. Deeply unfulfilled in every area of her life and really not sure where to go next, Kayla is drinking through it. In fact drinking, dancing, music and letting rip is her only release. (Knowledge of Whigfield’s Saturday Night Dance an advantage but not essential.)