At the heart of everything we do

The Big Room

The Big Room is our playwright development space.

We believe the best way to help playwrights develop is to produce their plays. 

Additionally, through The Big Room, we invest in a small number of invited playwrights each year, offering bespoke development support, on their terms.

The Big Room is playwright led, offering writers what they need when they need it. That might be a desk, rehearsal space, a writing retreat, financial support, mentorship, brokerage or anything else the writer requests.

The Big Room is bespoke, cross-generational, and nationwide.

The Big Room was created in response to our consultation with more than 50 UK playwrights and will be driven by the following ethos:

• It will primarily help playwrights develop their art rather than their careers
• It will be led by the individual playwright on their terms
• It will complement and connect existing national development provision, working in partnership with, rather than looking to replace, existing opportunities
• It will not driven by, towards or because of production.

The Big Room is made possible by Channel 4/Film Four, The Fenton Arts Trust, and Jon and NoraLee Sedmak. We are hugely grateful for their support.