Elena Procopiu

Elena Procopiu
Come To Where I'm From


Stargate – SW18


This is about my exit from Romania and my arrival in Croydon. It's about making home for myself as any self-employed self-respecting 'depressive under-achiever with a mild sex addiction' (my mum's words) can. 


Elena Procopiu is an Anglo-Romanian actress and writer. After doing a French and Law degree, she decided to disappoint her immigrant parents by training as an actor. She has previously performed stand-up throughout the UK, across Europe and in New York. She is also a multi-lingual voice-over artist in English, Romanian and French. She also presented a piece she co-wrote on The One Show on BBC 1 attempting to dispel myths about Romanians taking all your jobs. Last year, she was commissioned to write a one-woman show for Tamasha which was performed at the Rich Mix.