Through the mist of unstaunched tears at PPHQ over the departure of our cherished colleague and indomitable producer Tara, there is happy news to report.

We’re thrilled to announce that our new producer will be Hanna Streeter.

Hanna, as you may know, is currently Assistant Producer here at PPHQ, and will step into Tara’s ballet pumps from 20 January.

Hanna has already racked up an impressive CV of PP producing credits having helmed all three tours of WASTED, as well as assisting Tara on Programme 2013.

Hanna joined Paines Plough on a temporary basis as administrator cover in 2010. And she hasn’t been able to escape since. She went on to be appointed permanent Admin Assistant, before being promoted to Administrator.

In 2012 we gave Hanna a sabbatical from her admin role to produce WASTED full-time and further her ambitions to produce. Thanks to funding from Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Fund, The Paul Hamlyn Foundation and The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, we were able to create a full-time Assistant Producer role in 2013, which Hanna has filled with distinction.

James & George said:

“We could not be more excited to be working with Hanna as we approach our biggest and most exciting season of work to celebrate Paines Plough’s 40th Anniversary in 2014.

“Hanna is an outstanding producer with the skill, ingenuity and drive to ensure our 40th is our best year yet, and to pioneer the next 40 years of Paines Plough.

“Hanna’s meteoric rise from temp to Producer in just fours years is testament to her extraordinary ability, admirable tenacity and infectious passion for new plays and for touring. She embodies Paines Plough, and we are delighted that the company, our partners and the artists we work with will benefit from her brilliance in the years to come.”

So, that’s exciting, eh?

Feel free to send Hanna flowers and chocolates and stuff, or post congratulatory comments below.