Roundabout trailers are go!

It’s not long until we’re heading off to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (how has this come round so quickly?!). We’ll be opening our three news plays in Roundabout which pops up in the Summerhall courtyard – we’ve got 10 shows a day and you can see them all here. Then Roundabout traverses the country on an eight-week tour this autumn. Find out when we’re coming to you here.

There’s GROWTH, Luke Norris’ comedy about growing up and manning up, offbeat love story LOVE, LIES AND TAXIDERMY by Alan Harris, and a magical quest following three super almost-teens from Katie Douglas, I GOT SUPERPOWERS FOR MY BIRTHDAY. We can’t wait.

We teamed up with film maker extrodinaire Rory Gibson to create three cinematic trailers for this year’s Roundabout season. You can check out Rory’s work here.

And now our #RoundaboutPP trailers have landed, feast your eyes on them here:

A Paines Plough Production
GROWTH by Luke Norris

Book here.

A Paines Plough, Sherman Theatre & Theatr Clwyd production

Book here.

A Paines Plough and Half Moon production

Book here.

Roundabout: Closed-Captioning

Roundabout audience Rich Lakos

We’re very pleased to be partnering with Stagetext to bring closed-caption performances to Roundabout this summer. We’ll be launching this at our Roundabout previews at Hackney ShowroomLOVE, LIES AND TAXIDERMY on Sunday 24 July at 2pm will be closed-captioned. Booking info is all here.

We are also offering 5 complimentary tickets for this performance if you wish to make use of the service. Find all the info here.

Here’s what Stagetext say about closed-captioning:

Theatre captions are similar to television subtitles – the actors’ words appear on screens at the same time as they are spoken or sung. Captions also include additional information such as speaker names, sound effects and offstage noises.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to make use of this service please do get in touch as we’re eager to take on board your feedback.

We have a week of closed-caption performances when we’re at Summerhall for Edinburgh Festival Fringe. You can download a list of all the captioned performances at this year’s Fringe here.

Additional access information, including relaxed performances and BSL interpreted performances, for Edinburgh Festival Fringe can be found here.

We look forward to welcoming you to Roundabout!


Roundabout Rehersal Room: An extensive range of dungarees

As we gear up for previews (TONIGHT, AH!) we thought we’d take a look back on our last day in the rehearsal room before our tech rehearsals.

Growth by Luke Norris rehearsals, Paines Plough- -®HelenMurray-299

Thinking, planning, rehearsing (cred. Helen Murray)

It’s getting more populous in here as we get closer to putting the plays in the Roundabout itself. As well as having the writers working with us in the room, we’ve had movement workshops with Kate Sagovsky (I couldn’t resist joining in), Elspeth, our dialect coach, helping the actors with their Merthyr accent and also their Ron-Burgundy-from-Anchorman, and an extensive range of dungarees on offer from Kat, the costume designer. We’ve also been working with a film crew to create trailers for the three shows which I’m really excited about, so look out for those.

Growth by Luke Norris rehearsals, Paines Plough- -®HelenMurray-266

Caitlin thinks about tech week… (cred. Helen Murray)

Dom, our Sound Designer, comes bearing gifts of a beautiful indie soundtrack for LOVE, LIES AND TAXIDERMY and high-octane sound effects for I GOT SUPERPOWERS FOR MY BIRTHDAY which range from gross to hilarious, some of which make the PP team in the office next door to the rehearsal room jump a bit (sorry guys). Prema, our Lighting Designer, gave me a sneak peak at the visual simulation of Roundabout that she’s been using to create the lighting design, because we are living in the future.

Basically, if you picture the Avengers assembling, walking in slow motion with big explosions in the background, that’s the creative team behind these shows right now. Boom.

Growth by Luke Norris rehearsals, Paines Plough- -®HelenMurray-208

“So no one wants to be Hawk-Eye?” (cred. Helen Murray)

See you next time, when we’ll be in the Roundabout itself in Hackney!


Ealier / Later|Roundabout @ Summerhall

Roundabout audience Rich Lakos

As a bumper August in Edinburgh creeps ever closer we’ve been busy programming even more theatre for you. That’s right, on top of our eight shows a day we’ll also have a bespoke series of performances for early mornings (10am, don’t worry) and late nights (10.30pm, don’t worry). Welcome back Earlier / Later!

We’re very pleased that we can announce our Earlier / Later schedule today. Read on, friends.

06 Aug // Later // Write It:Mic It by Poleroid Theatre


After four years at Vault, Live Theatre, Hackney Attic, Manchester Castle Hotel, Wilderness Festival & Standon Calling, Poleroid Theatre’s acclaimed open ‘write’ platform returns for it’s second year at the Roundabout!

Triple Off-West End Award nominated Poleroid Theatre bring together the UKs most exciting emerging artists offering audiences a sneak peak into new work at the first stage of it’s development and snippets of the best shows to see at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016.

Artists include KATIE BONNA (Dirty Great Love Story/Soho Theatre), LUKE COURTIER (Musical Comedy Award Finalist 2015), MIXED DOUBLES (Dave Comedy Shorts Winners), TOM GILL (Kate Tempest Award Winner), PHOEBE ECLAIR-POWELL (Soho Theatre/Verity Bargate Award Finalist) and LAUGHING STOCK (Sketchfest Audience Choice Winners).

Tickets here.

07 Aug // Later // Split/Mixed by Tamasha


A Portrait of a Boy and a Country.

Split/Mixed is a captivating coming-of-age tale that tells the story of Eddy, a boy growing up in Rwanda during the 1990s.

Writer/performer Ery Nzaramba brings to life nearly a dozen characters, merging memories into a compelling narrative exploring kinship, cultural expectations and self-discovery, weaving the fantastic with the ordinary in his search for a singular voice.

Eddy’s memories of home and his changing country merge into a narrative that explores the search for personal identity of those who grew up during the genocide in Rwanda.

Tickets here.

08 Aug // Earlier // Producers Workshop [Free]

Join Paines Plough’s Senior Producer Hanna Streeter and Producer Francesca Moody for a Q&A that will help you look beyond the Fringe and begin your journey into touring. Sharing their invaluable experience and insight on touring theatre, Hanna and Francesca will tell you what it takes, how it works, their top tips and the odd “The van broke down on the motorway” story…

Tickets here.

08 Aug // Later // Split/Mixed by Tamasha

Another chance to catch Split/Mixed by Ery Nzaramba.

Tickets here.

10 Aug // Earlier // General Managers Workshop [Free]

Paines Plough is delighted to be hosting our next series of General Management workshops in Roundabout.

We are always looking for ways to demystify the way we go about creating new plays in order to provide support for theatre makers at any stage of their careers.

This workshop is a chance for anyone interested in working in theatre as a General Manager, or in Finance or Administration, to find out more about the profession.

The session will be a discussion and Q&A with members of the theatre community that work in General Management. Full panel list to be confirmed.

Tickets here.

10 Aug // Later // Get Yourself Together by Josh Coates


One Christmas, Josh was diagnosed with depression and then hit by a car. The following year he was on Job Seekers whilst attempting to balance his sanity and gift buying. A show about being ill and being fit for work. A show about the DWP and being from Bolton. This is a show that explores the thin line between mental health as a clinical and a political issue.

Part stand up, part spoken word and part teenager in his room pretending he’s in a punk band, Get Yourself Together is new show from Royal Exchange supported artist, Josh Coates.

Tickets here.

11 Aug // Earlier // Acting & Directing Workshop [Free]

Join Paines Plough Joint Artistic Director James Grieve in a workshop on working in-the-round. Looking at classic texts and new plays, this is a snapshot look at playing the most exposing, exhilarating and energising of all configurations – the round. Come on down to Paines Plough’s pop-up amphitheatre Roundabout for a quick and dirty guide to 360° theatre. Open to actors, directors and other interested parties.

Tickets here.

12 Aug // Earlier // Casting Workshop [Free]


Casting Director Nadine Rennie, of Soho Theatre, joins us in Roundabout for a morning Q&A . Having worked with Writers from Dennis Kelly to Shelagh Stevenson, and Directors from Max Stafford Clark to Roxanna Silbert, Nadine has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

Whether you’re a budding young Casting Director, or an actor looking to find out more about the process and get advice, come along and join us for a morning of insight into casting.

Tickets here.

13 Aug // Later // PLAY: Edinburgh by Play Theatre Co.


Hold on to your hats, it’s PLAYtime! Award-winning theatre company PLAY champion a new approach to new writing, with an emphasis firmly on collaboration. We’ve brought together some of the industries’ brightest and best actors, writers and directors to share a PLAYroom. Starting with a completely blank slate, they have just two weeks to collaborate, devise and create four brand new PLAYs.

Tickets here.

14 Aug // Later // Declaration by Art With Heart


Instinctive, curious, bold and bouncy; Sarah is a mighty proud square peg, which wouldn’t be such a problem if the hole wasn’t so damn round.

Sarah grew up feeling different. Her childhood Dr thought it was sugar. Her current Dr thinks its ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). Sarah still feels different, so what will a label do?

Declaration examines when we want, need or are forced to declare our differences and the faces we wear to fit in. With autobiographical comedy, storytelling and conversations with audiences, Art with Heart take you on vibrant and daring adventure.

Tickets here.

15 Aug // Earlier // General Managers Workshop [Free]

Paines Plough is delighted to be hosting our next series of General Management workshops in Roundabout.

We are always looking for ways to demystify the way we go about creating new plays in order to provide support for theatre makers at any stage of their careers.

This workshop is a chance for anyone interested in working in theatre as a General Manager, or in Finance or Administration, to find out more about the profession.

The session will be a discussion and Q&A with members of the theatre community that work in General Management. Full panel list to be confirmed.

Tickets here.

15 Aug // Later // Obviously We Only Want The Best For Our Daughter by Joe Harbot

Here we are, look, sitting here
We made it in against all the odds
We’ve dragged ourselves up out of the gutter to be here

You’re sitting down to eat when there’s a knock at the door. A couple introduce themselves. They make their way inside. They seem at home here. You seem to have a lot in common. In fact, there’s something vaguely familiar about them.

The first showing of a new play by Joe Harbot (The Boy On The Swing, Arcola). Directed by Kay Michael (Pelican’s Daughters, Shakespeare in Shoreditch, RIFT).

Tickets here.

17 Aug // Later // Nothing by Barrel Organ

Barrel Organ

“Nothing ever happens to me. In fact I’d go further than that – I’d say Nothing has ever happened to me. I can’t think of a single significant thing that has ever happened to me”

Barrel Organ’s award winning debut production returns to Edinburgh after selling out in 2014. Nothing is much more than a series of monologues. It is about – among other things – cupcakes, action films, crap television, shitting, sex, buses and stalking. It is about alienation and being young.

“This young company are the future” – Lyn Gardner.

Tickets here.

18 Aug // Earlier // Producers Workshop [Free]

Join Paines Plough’s Senior Producer Hanna Streeter and Producer Francesca Moody for a Q&A that will help you look beyond the Fringe and begin your journey into touring. Sharing their invaluable experience and insight on touring theatre, Hanna and Francesca will tell you what it takes, how it works, their top tips and the odd “The van broke down on the motorway” story…

Tickets here.

19 Aug // Later // We Need To Talk (Work in Progress) by Josie Long and Jonny Donahoe

Jonny and Josie

Josie and Jonny are two lefty comedians who often get told they are preaching to the choir, living in a bubble and listening only to a social media echo chamber. They see themselves as optimists who want to make things better. That’s what they think their politics is.

If you think lefties are naïve and immature, or you don’t agree with how they see the world, come along, let’s talk.

Let’s try and be kinder to each other.
Let’s argue, but without being dicks about it.

This is a show about politics and identity and by the end of it; maybe, we will have sorted everything out and can just have a singalong.

Tickets here.

21 Aug // Earlier // Hansel and Gretel by Tap Tap


Rucksack? Check.
Binoculars? Check.
Blind faith and unfathomable courage? Check.
Sense of direction? Well…
Rose and her brother Ollie are going on an adventure. A big adventure. As big as the ones in storybooks. Bigger. With a rucksack stuffed with Hula Hoops and no sense of direction, follow brother and sister as they journey deeper and deeper into the forest. Climb into the walking boots of adventurers past. Watch the forest come alive in front of your eyes. As they get loster and loster, what will they find?

A boisterous and bold big adventure with an even bigger heart. From the people that brought you Captain Morgan and Handmade Tales, Tap Tap Theatre return to the Fringe with their spin on Hansel & Gretel, a fast and funny treat for the whole family. Featuring live music, suitable for ages 4+.

Tickets here.

21 Aug // Later // Tongue Fu

Tongue Fu

The UK’s sharpest poets, storytellers, rappers and comedians perform with jaw-dropping improvised soundtracks from the Tongue Fu Band (Nostalgia 77, Jamie Cullum, Beardyman).

Created and hosted by poet Chris Redmond (Scroobius Pip’s Beatdown – XFM; Pick Of The Week – BBC R4), it is one of the UK’s liveliest and largest spoken word shows: a riotous experiment in live literature, music and improvisation. With special guests from across the fringe.

“Poetry, but not as you know it…amazing” Guardian
“the most remarkable spoken word event going” ★★★★★ Informed Edinburgh
“A strange kind of alchemy” ★★★★ Scotsman

Tickets here.

22 Aug // Earlier // Theatre Uncut: Refugee

Theatre Uncut scissors

Fringe First winners Theatre Uncut return with 6 brand new international short plays, responding to the refugee crisis, by British, Turkish & Danish writers including award winning Sabrina Mahfouz & Atiha Sen Gupta. These plays were created in collaboration with Danish Teater GROB for the Copenhagen STAGE Festival.

Tickets here.

22 Aug // Later // Tuck Shop by Not Too Tame


Tuck Shop is a pick of new work from some of NTT’s favourite writers and a mix of our trademark electrifying energy, blended to create a new writing night with a twist. A night that’s not too well behaved, a little bit naughty and a little bit nice. So satisfy your sweet tooth, come get your fill and tuck into a night of fun, excitement and guaranteed good company!

“The company’s stated intention is to engage audiences who don’t feel they belong in “tame, polite theatre”, and they do this with great charm and energy” The Telegraph

Tickets here.

24 Aug // Earlier // Acting & Directing Workshop [Free]

Join Paines Plough Joint Artistic Director James Grieve in a workshop on working in-the-round. Looking at classic texts and new plays, this is a snapshot look at playing the most exposing, exhilarating and energising of all configurations – the round. Come on down to Paines Plough’s pop-up amphitheatre Roundabout for a quick and dirty guide to 360° theatre. Open to actors, directors and other interested parties.

Tickets here.

24 Aug // Later // Bang Said the Gun

Bang Said The Gun 1

Bang Said The Gun is poetry for people who don’t like poetry. Voted the best poetry night in the UK by the Times, Bang Said The Gun has made poetry cool again. A rollercoaster of emotions, it’s loud, raucous, political, trivial, serious and very funny. Normal rules do not apply here. Featuring a rich mix of the best and freshest talent, they will grab you by the collar and drag you into another world.

As recommended by Kate Tempest, ‘It’s like mud wrestling with words’, or as ex poet laureate, Andrew Motion puts it ‘BSTG is a vortex of energy and enthusiasm’.

‘Like all the best things in life, Bang Said The Gun is done with commitment, belief and passion.’ Phil Jupitus

“Bang Said The Gun is the best poetry night in the country. The combination of excitement, enthusiasm and deep, deep concentration on the poems is a wonder to behold.” Ian McMillan, BBC Radio

Tickets here.

26 Aug // Later // The Sleep Show by Rob Auton


This show is about sleep. It is suitable for those who have slept. Following on from 2012’s The Yellow Show, 2013’s The Sky Show, 2014’s The Face Show, 2015’s The Water Show, award-winning writer and performer Rob Auton returns with 2016’s The Sleep Show.

‘Entirely compelling to watch’ Daniel Kitson
‘Just sad’ Vanessa Feltz
‘We need him’ Scotsman
‘A genuine original. Poetical, philosophical, humane, completely charming and funny to boot.’ Guardian
‘Like watching a kid caught in the stage lights of his first Nativity’

Tickets here.


More announcements coming soon via @painesplough on Twitter.


Latitude: We’re coming for you


We can’t quite believe it but apparently it’s that time of year again. It’s time for Latitude. We’re enormously pleased WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK by Sabrina Mahfouz is returning to the site of its debut last year.

This year you can catch us at the Film and Music Arena on Friday 15 July at 8:25pm. We’ll be grooving out to some old school garage and hope you can join us. Full info is here.

As usual there’s loads of other incredible acts on at Latitude including some great theatre here.

Can’t make it to Latitude this year? Don’t worry we’ve got another WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK performance for you. We’re part of a fantastic weekend Latitude are curating outside National Theatre on the South Bank. From 5 -7 August Latitude take over River Stage outside NT. You can wander over anytime but if you want to catch us we’re headlining Saturday night at 9:25pm. We’re going to close the evening with the garage rave it deserves.

Check out all the other amazing River Stage acts here.


Roundabout Rehearsal Room: 3 actors, 55 characters

Hello! Welcome to the latest update from the Roundabout rehearsal room. The plays are up on their feet now and it’s all kicking off. The circular stage has been marked out in tape on the floor by Caitlin, our Stage Manager, with the yellow, blue and pink of the seats around the edges. The colour codes, arrows and crosses all help, because rehearsing three plays at once in the round can be figuratively and literally dizzying.

Growth by Luke Norris rehearsals, Paines Plough- -®HelenMurray-151

Colourful rehearsals = black and white photos (cred. Helen Murray)

The circle comes to life as we explore the huge amount of possibilities for playing in it – it can feel like an intimate little stage or a huge space depending on the dynamics in the scene we’re doing. Altogether, we’ve counted 55 different characters across all the plays, and that makes for a lot of different accents and shapes. We aren’t using any set or props, which means all the focus is on the actors, and they’re conjuring everything from a bedroom to an entire Welsh town to a giant slug in our imaginations.

Growth by Luke Norris rehearsals, Paines Plough- -®HelenMurray-260

Richard Corgan counts how many characters he’s playing… (cred. Helen Murray)

At the end of the week, we went to the beautiful space at Half Moon Theatre to show I GOT SUPERPOWERS FOR MY BIRTHDAY to a young audience. We got some lovely and useful feedback, including “when’s the sequel?” (top secret, sorry guys), and someone compared it to the amazing Avatar: The Last Airbender, which reminds me – I need to watch the last series.

This week’s top tip comes not from me but from one of the actors, and it’s about wearing loose clothing when playing mythical creatures.

Growth by Luke Norris rehearsals, Paines Plough- -®HelenMurray-286

Director George reacts to Andy’s wardrobe malfunction (cred. Helen Murray)

See you next time!




Hackney Wick mural near The Yard

Tonight COME TO WHERE I’M FROM heads East but only to East London, as far as The Yard Theatre in Hackney Wick. Presenting work tonight we have Lucy Sheen an actor, writer and filmmaker, Afsana Begum founder of Mulberry Alumni Theatre Company, In-Sook Chappell writer of PYONGYANG about North Korea as well as numerous radio dramas, Lizzy Dijeh published poet and playwright and finally the prolific Arinze Kene who you may recognise from EASTENDERS but he’s been busy since then writing hard hitting and insightful plays (and there are some films in the pipeline too!).

You can still get tickets here or on the door. Show starts at 7.30pm.

We’ll certainly to be heading to Crate Brewery after the show for a pizza and a beer. Pizza, beer and a five new plays. Lovely.

You can read their full credits here:

Lucy Sheen
Lucy is an actor, writer, filmmaker and playwright who has written for Nimble Fish Arts and the Royal Court Theatre. COME TO WHERE I’M FROM was her fourth commission. Her acting credits include PING PONG, JULIUS CAESAR (Bristol Old Vic), DRINK THE MERCURY (TMA nomination, 1990) and HUNGRY GHOSTS (OFFIE award nomination, 1990).

Afsana Begum
Afsana is an emerging BAME Artistic Producer and founder of the Mulberry Alumni Theatre Company (Mulberry ATC) with over 6 years’ experience in arts education. She was Company Manager on three Fin Kennedy plays for the school at the Edinburgh Fringe, one of which won a Scotsman Fringe First. Mulberry ATC has since collaborated with Royal Court Theatre and Afsana has participated in their Introduction to Playwriting scheme.

In-Sook Chappell
In-Sook Chappell was the winner of the Verity Bargate award in 2007 for her play THIS ISN’T ROMANCE. Her previous playwriting credits have included PYONGYANG (Finborough Theatre), THIS ISN’T ROMANCE (Soho Theatre) and DOWNTOWN DOLLHOUSE. In-Sook’s radio credits include HONG KONG MIDNIGHT (BBC Radio 3) and THIS ISN’T ROMANCE (BBC Radio 4).

Lizzy Dijeh
Lizzy Dijeh is a playwright and poet. Her plays include HIGH LIFE (Hampstead Theatre – runner up of Alfred Fagon Award 2007) and MESSAGE FROM A FAR COUNTRY (Tiata Delights Festival). Her poetry has been published in RED: CONTEMPORARY BLACK BRITISH POETRY (People Tree Press, 2010), OUT OF BOUNDS (Bloodaxe Books, 2012) and WASAFIRI (International Arts Journal).

Arinze Kene
Arinze Kene was born and raised in London to Nigerian parents. Alongside his writing he also works as an actor. Arinze’s original feature film, SEEKERS, is on the Brit List and in development with Strays Film. He has another original feature film, CURE, in development with Sixteen Films. Arinze wrote his new play GOOD DOG on attachment to the National Theatre Studio. He is developing MISTY with the Bush Theatre following RADAR last year and was on attachment at the Lyric Hammersmith in 2012 as a recipient of the Pearson Playwrights’ Bursary. His stage play GOD’S PROPERTY ran at Soho Theatre in 2013, co-produced with Talawa. LITTLE BABY JESUS, directed by Che Walker, ran in May 2011 at the Ovalhouse Theatre, where his play ESTATE WALLS ran in 2010. Arinze was named Most Promising Playwright at the Off West End Theatre Awards for ESTATE WALLS in 2011, which was also nominated for Best New Play. WILD CHILD was performed in 2011 as part of the Rough Cuts season at The Royal Court. Arinze wrote a wrap-around piece to the play FISHBONE called US & THEM for Nabokov at the Bush Theatre in 2010 and wrote a short play, SUFFOCATION, as part of Ovalhouse Theatre’s annual 33% Festival. Arinze was a member of the Young Writers’ Programme and Writers’ Super Group at the Royal Court Theatre. He was also part of Soho Theatre’s Young Writers’ Group and was chosen as one of their Hub Writers. Arinze was shortlisted for Off West End’s 2010’s ‘Adopt a Playwright Award’ and the 2009 Alfred Fagon Award. Arinze was involved in the storylining and development of the second series of Big Talk’s YOUNGERS for E4, in which he played Ashley. He wrote an episode of the third series of E20 on BBC3 and was subsequently part of an EASTENDERS trial scheme. Arinze was named as a Screen International UK Star of Tomorrow in 2013 and was invited to take part in the Channel 4 Screenwriting Course in 2012.



Tonight, much like the Pet Shop Boys, we Go West. COME TO WHERE I’M FROM London heads to The Gate where TEN WEEKS by Elinor Cook played earlier this year. Tonight will see short plays from acclaimed playwright Omar El-Khairy (who also has a PhD in Sociology!), Tamasha regular Satinder Chohan, playwright and Horseshoe Theatre Company founder Sally Woodcook, the prolific April De Angelis who has written for stage, screen and radio, and Divya Sachdeva who works in animation, CTWIF will be her first commission, good luck Divya!

You can still get tickets here or on the door. Show starts at 7pm.

You can read their full credits here:

Omar El-Khairy

Omar is a writer for stage and screen. He was part of the Young Writers Programmes at both the Royal Court Theatre and Soho Theatre and a former Leverhulme Associate Playwright at the Bush Theatre. His plays include BURST, SOUR LIPS, THE KEEPERS OF INFINITE SPACE and THE CHAPLAIN: OR, A SHORT TALE OF HOW WE LEARNED TO LOVE GOOD MUSLIMS WHILST TORTURING BAD ONES. His last play HOMEGROWN was originally commissioned as part of the National Youth Theatre’s 2015 season. It will be published by Oberon later this year. Omar is also a founding member of Paper Tiger, a collective of theatre and filmmakers, working collaboratively and autonomously. His first short film NO EXIT received its world premiere at last year’s Dubai International Film Festival and screened both nationally and internationally. He is currently working on his first feature-length screenplay. He is in the process of developing two television projects, including a mixed form documentary with Playground Entertainment. Omar also holds a PhD in Sociology from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Divya Sachdeva

Divya Sachdeva was born and raised in Greater London and currently works in animation for a television company. COME TO WHERE I’M FROM is her first commission as writer and performer.

Satinder Chohan

Satinder is the 2013 Adopt a Playwright Award winner to develop MOTHER INDIA, a play about East-West surrogacy set in Gujarat, in partnership with Tamasha Theatre Company for a 2017 national tour. She is also Writer-In-Residence at the Centre for Family Research (CFR) as part of the NEW FAMILIES collaboration between Tamasha, CFR and Generation Arts. Her previous work includes ZAMEEN (Kali Theatre) and KABBADIKABBADIKABADDI (Tamasha Theatre Company).

Sally Woodcock

Sally Woodcock founded Horseshoe Theatre Company for schools in Cambridge with Toby Parsons. Her first full length play FANTA ORANGE was developed at NT Studio and premiered at Finborough. Previous works include PINK GIN (Salisbury Playhouse), THE TROUSER DEPARTMENT (Bridewell, Gilded Balloon), WEDDING BELLES (Gilded Balloon, 78th St Theatre Lab, NYC), MAKING UP (Jermyn St), OXYMORONIC (RADA Foyer) and U BEND (RADA Foyer).

April De Angelis

April De Angelis is an acclaimed writer whose extensive theatre work includes AFTER ELECTRA (Theatre Royal Plymouth & Tricycle Theatre 2015); RUNE (New Vic Theatre Stoke 2015); GASTRONAUTS (Royal Court Upstairs, 2013); JUMPY (Royal Court 2011 & Duke of York’s Theatre 2012, Melbourne and Sydney 2015); an adaptation of WUTHERING HEIGHTS (Birmingham Rep, 2008); A LAUGHING MATTER (Out of Joint at National Theatre, 2001); A WARWICKSHIRE TESTIMONY (RSC, 1999); THE POSITIVE HOUR (Out of Joint at Hampstead Theatre, 1997); PLAYHOUSE CREATURES (revived at Chichester Festival Theatre in 2013); and THE LIFE AND TIMES OF FANNY HILL (revived at the Bristol Old Vic, 2015). She’s currently under commission to the Rose Theatre, Kingston, the Royal Exchange, Manchester, and the National Theatre. April has also written the libretto for FLIGHT music by Jonathan Dove, for Glyndebourne Opera and THE SILENT TWINS libretto, which was set to music by Errollyn Wallen, Almeida Theatre, 2007. April’s work for radio includes an adaptation of LIFE IN THE TOMB for BBC Radio 3 in 2014, a serialisation of PEYTON PLACE, VISITANTS for BBC Radio 4, and THE OUTLANDER for Radio 5, which won the Writer’s Guild Award in 1992. TV work includes a BFI / Channel 4 commission, ARISTOPHANES.

COME TO WHERE I’M FROM London : Omnibus, Clapham


Tonight COME TO WHERE I’M FROM London continues at Omnibus in Clapham in South West London.

This evening will see performances from playwright Amman Paul Singh Brar, writer for stage and screen Kathryn Golding, comedian and actress Elena Procopiu, Paines Plough writer Alexandra Wood and former Tamasha Artistic Director and 2010 First Women Award winner Sudha Bhuchar.

So why not head down souf and take in some new writing.

You can still get tickets here or on the door.

You can read their full credits here:

Amman Paul Singh Brar
Amman is an MA Creative Writing graduate from the University of East Anglia. One of the inaugural winners of the BBC Writersroom 10 award with Tamasha Theatre, where he was also Artist in Residence, his credits include: STILL ALIVE (West Yorkshire Playhouse), SOMETHING MISSING (Contact Theatre), TEARS AT TERMINAL VELOCITY (Tamasha, Mulberry School, Soho Theatre) and NO MORE POUNDSHOP WARS (BBC, Live Theatre).

Kathryn Golding

Kathryn is a recognised emerging writing talent with a unique voice, who is passionate about diversity and adept across TV and theatre. Graduate of the Royal Court’s Unheard Voices Programme and supported by the Edinburgh International Television Festival, she is currently working on projects for both stage and television. Recent credits include BEING SUZY WONG (Royal Court’s Live Lunch programme) and PLAY 13 (Vault Festival).

Elena Procopiu

Elena is an Anglo-Romanian actress and writer. Having trained as an actor, she has performed stand-up throughout the UK, Europe and in New York and is a multi-lingual voice-over artist in English, Romanian and French. She also presented a piece she co-wrote on The One Show on BBC 1 attempting to dispel myths about Romanians taking all your jobs. Last year, she was commissioned to write a one-woman show for Tamasha Theatre Company.

Alexandra Wood

Alex is a graduate of the MPhil in Playwriting Studies at Birmingham University and the Royal Court Young Writers’ Programme. In 2007 she won the George Devine Award for Most Promising Playwright. Her plays include: THE ELEVENTH CAPITAL (Royal Court); THE LION’S MOUTH (Rough Cuts/Royal Court); UNBROKEN (Gate Theatre); DECADE (co-writer/Headlong); an adaptation of Jung Chang’s WILD SWANS (Young Vic/American Repertory Theater); and THE CENTRE (Islington Community Theatre). Short plays include: MILES TO GO (Nabokov/Latitude Festival); THIRTY TWO YEARS IS NOTHING and EXPECTING (BAC/Rose Bruford); MY NAME IS JOHN ALAN ASHLEY (Soho/Oxford School of Drama); and PIIGS (Royal Court).Her most recent play, THE EMPTY QUARTER, played at Hampstead Downstairs in 2013. Work for radio: TWELVE YEARS (BBC Radio 4). In 2010 she was the Big Room Playwright-in-Residence at Paines Plough.

Sudha Bhuchar

Sudha is a playwright and actor.

Writing credits for Tamasha include BALTI KINGS (co-written with Shaheen Khan), FOURTEEN SONGS, TWO WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL, STRICTLY DANDIA, A FINE BALANCE (all co- written with Kristine Landon-Smith), her first children’s play CHILD OF THE DIVIDE (Polka Theatre, Best Kids’ Show of 2006 – Time Out) and most recently the critically acclaimed MY NAME IS… which Sudha also adapted for Radio 4 where it was ‘pick of the week’. Sudha’s adaptaion of Lorca’s THE HOUSE OF BERNADA ALBA – THE HOUSE OF BILQUIS BIBI was recently remounted by Mulberry School’s Alumni company. Other writing credits include SMALL FISH BIG CHEESE for the Unicorn Theatre and extensive credits on Radio 4 including three series of GIRLIES (co written with Shaheen Khan). Sudha jointly won, with Kristine Landon-Smith, the 2005 Asian Women of Achievement Award for Arts and Culture and the 2010 First Women Award in the Tourism and Leisure category. Sudha’s extensive acting credits include most recently three series of STELLA for Sky TV and Gurpreet Bhatti’s play KHANDAN for Birmingham Rep/Royal Court theatre in 2014. Sudha is currently filming a guest role on CORONATION STREET.

Roundabout Rehearsal Room Blog: The beginning

Hi, I’m Anna! I’m the new Trainee Director at Paines Plough and I’ll be assistant directing the Roundabout plays this year – GROWTH, I GOT SUPERPOWERS FOR MY BIRTHDAY and LOVE, LIES AND TAXIDERMY. I’ve just moved to London to work at PPHQ and in between rehearsals you can find me skipping delightedly across Waterloo Bridge like I’m Andrea Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada and I’ve just arrived in New York.

Growth by Luke Norris rehearsals, Paines Plough- -®HelenMurray-138

Rehearsal room walls (cred. Helen Murray)

Back to the rehearsal room – the first thing you would notice if you came in would be the walls. They started off blank and inviting, and quickly began to fill up. Detailed maps of Merthyr Tydfil, pictures of Captain Planet and The Incredibles, and medical information about orchidectomies cover every surface, along with timelines of each play. As the days go by, all the work we’re doing on the texts manifests itself on the walls, and it begins to look like the office of a particularly eclectic and obsessive private investigator *sips scotch*.

Growth by Luke Norris rehearsals, Paines Plough- -®HelenMurray-99

Hilarious moments with Remy Beasley (cred. Helen Murray)

Incidentally, investigating is exactly what we’re doing at the table in rehearsals (stunning segue Anna) – lots of going through the plays, hearing them out loud, playing and finding information about the characters and stories. Beautiful and hilarious moments emerge, and already I’ve learned a lot about the initial rehearsal process for new writing, about day-to-day life at PPHQ, and NEVER to Google ‘hybrid taxidermy’ (I’m serious, don’t do it guys).

Growth by Luke Norris rehearsals, Paines Plough- -®HelenMurray-172

Anna accidentally googles ‘hybrid taxidermy’ (cred. Helen Murray)

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back soon with more rehearsal updates,